If you would like your orthodontic treatment to be truly 100% invisible, consider Incognito™ lingual braces.  Completely hidden, they are always fixed to your teeth so that treatment is continuous.  You never have to take them out or remember to put them back in.

Our orthodontist uses 3M Incognito™ hidden lingual braces. These braces are digitally customised and made for your teeth for faster results. You can smile with absolute confidence and with completely clear teeth.  It is the choice for anyone who must look their best at all times. Your friends and family won’t even know that you are wearing them (if you don’t show them!).

To find out more information about Incognito™ hidden lingual braces or to reserve your appointment with our orthodontist, please contact our practice.

Go Incognito

Discover how this treatment fits right in with your job and your social lifestyle and just how different it is to other treatments.

How It Works

Incognito™ is a truly invisible orthodontic treatment you'll love to wear.  Hear from past patients how this treatment can benefit you.