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a Specialist orthodontist creating stunning smiles for all ages, from Manly to Palm Beach.

Our practice has been providing specialist treatment for over 35 years on the Northern Beaches, nestled in Mona Vale and Dee Why.

Dr Jenkin Chiu carries on a strong legacy of specialist patient care and service established in 1980 by Dr John Martin. Our experienced team takes pride in the long-standing rapport that we have developed with local families and their local dentists.

Our mission is to reveal your best smile - one that you are proudest and happiest to wear. Contemporary orthodontics is not only about your result but also about your experience.  Our orthodontist has the tailored solution that will suit your desires and your lifestyle, regardless of your age. Our specialised treatment modalities cover the full spectrum of orthodontics, from braces to Invisalign, for children, teenagers and adults of all ages.

New Patients

A Dentist’s or Doctor’s referral is not necessary for you or your child to be seen by an Orthodontist. Please call or complete our Patient Enquiry Form and our team will be happy to help.

Referring Doctors

We welcome referrals from all Dentists, Doctors and other Specialists. If you would like to introduce your patient to our practice, please complete the Doctor’s Referral Form.

Our Values

You will be welcomed and treated like family from your very first visit. We understand that your experience during your orthodontic treatment is as important as the result itself.



Early Orthodontics

Early, childhood orthodontic treatment plays a vital role in a child's development. Evaluating your child at a young age is important for the opportunity to guide correct jaw growth and dental development, preventing more complex treatment later.

Teen Orthodontics

Often, the ideal time to address the most common orthodontic problems is during adolescence. Whether the issue is functional, cosmetic or both, treatment can greatly improve a teenager's self-esteem during this important stage of their lives.

Adult Orthodontics

It is a common misconception that it is too late for adults to have teeth straightened and the bite corrected. Our orthodontist can offer solutions to achieve the ideal smile at any age, all the while suiting the mature work and social lifestyle.



A series of plastic aligners are custom-made from a digital scan and gradually straighten your teeth. They are close to invisible, comfortable to wear and easy to remove for cleaning and eating. Invisalign and Spark Aligners by Ormco are the most well known versions.


Braces are precise fixed appliances, available in aesthetic white ceramic. They accurately position teeth to create a stunning smile and makes cleaning easier to improve dental health. Standing the test of time, this is the most reliable treatment method.


If you would like your orthodontic treatment to be truly invisible, hidden lingual braces may be the option for you. 3M Incognito™ lingual braces are customised from a digital scan and bonded to the inside surfaces of your teeth, completely hidden out of sight.


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